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10:00 -15:00

Barnstaple Real Food


11:00 -19:00

Rosemoor,  Torrington


10:00 -16:00

Rosemoor,  Torrington


10:00 -15:00

Totnes Good Food Sunday

You will be able to see us at the following Markets and Food Fairs over the next few weeks


Please note that when ordering we automatically retain your name, address, e-mail and telephone numbers for our records. Under GDPR, we are obliged to give you the option of having your details  deleted from our system once your order has been dispatched. Should you wish to remove yourself from our database, please click on the box below, but we will be sorry that you do not wish to be informed of any new chocolates that we might be bringing out.

Delete Details

Dare we say it, but Christmas for us is rapidly approaching and we would welcome your Christmas orders asap, so that we can plan our production.  All orders will be sent out in mid December

Check out our new Rum and Raisin Bouchee